Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are governed by English law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts and apply separately to each single donation that you make. Unless specified by you, they do not form a contract allowing for future or successive transactions to be set up. By confirming on the Website that you wish to make a donation you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

By accepting this terms and conditions you warrant that:

  • You are 18 years of age or over.
  • You have the appropriate authority to validly accept the Online Payment Terms and are able to and will meet your obligations in relation to these Terms.
  • The credit card used in connection with the donations is issued in your name or you are authorised to use the credit card.
  • The information supplied by you is true and correct.

When you complete the online payment form, funds will be deducted from your card in GBP currency and processed by our payment facility providers Paypal and stripe. All payments are debited to
If you make an error in your donation please contact SODEI.

We won’t share your personal details with any other third party other than is set out in our Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy forms part of these Donation Payment Terms and Conditions and by agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you are also agreeing to the way we use and protect your personal information in line with our Privacy Policy.
us either by email at admin@sodei.org, by phone at +44 (0) 2082438557 or by post to SODEI Ltd, 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX within 14 days and a full refund will be made to you.

If you set up a regular donation you will be scheduling a series of donations to be made on the day of the month that you choose until further notice. You agree that these Terms and Conditions will apply to each of the donations in that series. By confirming that you wish to proceed with a regular donation you authorise our payment service providers Paypal and stripe to request funds from your credit or debit card on the day of each month that you set.

To cancel your regular donations please contact us at admin@sodei.org.