Projects & Campaigns

Temporary Learning Places

Since the outbreak of violence in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon in September 2016, thousands of children of school going age have been forced out of school. More than 100 schools have been burnt down since the outbreak of this violence, while children and teachers have been threatened and attacked for attempting to go to school. The few years of civil strife has left towns and villages in the Southwest and Northwest regions devastated and there appears to be no coping mechanism at the moment. This project aims to set up Temporary Learning Places (TLP) for vulnerable children especially displaced children. This project sets up TLPs in areas of the region to cater for the most vulnerable and needy children fleeing from violence in the rural areas. It employs private teachers and provides catch up lessons in an informal setting.

Education and Training

Many youths in Cameroon are out of school and without jobs, they are unable to earn a living or obtain basic needs to be acceptable amongst their peers. This exposes them to all sorts of criminal activities and possible radicalisation. Our focus is on empowering young people and preparing them for employment or self-reliance through education with an emphasis on technical and vocational training. We operate a centre for learning where youths engage in developing computer, culinary and music skills amongst others; we aid with school needs to the most underprivileged, including orphans and street children. Our approach is driven by the desire to see underprivileged youths develop skills that will lead them to become self-reliant and productive; to contribute to the sustainable development and peace in their communities.

Schools For SDGs Campaign

Sharing knowledge on the SDGs is of paramount importance to us. Going by the recommendation on the SDGs Committee, we embark on a sensitisation campaign on the SDGs. Since the month of December 2018 our Youth Action Groups in collaboration with SODEI School Clubs have organized five events in five schools in Fako Division on SGGs 4 and 5.

Youths for Peace Campaign

We believe in the power of youths and young people in transforming societies. The Youths for Peace (Y4P) campaign promotes peace and togetherness through recreational activities including sports, music and arts. The campaign brings together SODEI youth groups to act for peace. We organise football and dance competitions in vulnerable communities. The Y4P campaign also engages youths in volunteering and community work such as clean-up campaigns.