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1) Sponsor A Child or An Effort

Sponsor a child

Child sponsorship is a unique relationship, that brings real hope and a life-affirming experience. Sponsorship gives children and their communities life-changing basics like nutritious food, clean water, healthcare and education. And it lasts. Sponsor a child and save a childhood today.

Little Favour

Little Favour is 6 years old, orphaned from birth and nursed by her aunt. Unfortunately, her aunt died during the crisis leaving her on her own. Little Learners managed to provide her a temporary accommodation hoping one day a good Samaritan will take over the responsibility. She needs food, love, care, shelter and support with her education.


Sikali lost his mum in the political upheavals in the English speaking regions of Cameroon. His father passed on a few years ago. He is currently being looked after by his disabled aunty. Sikali has been doing well at Little learners. He is a very intelligent boy. Sikali’s aunty lacks the requisite funds to pay his tuition, school meals and basic needs.


Audrey is orphaned and living with her grandmother. Unfortunately, as a result of the crisis, work has been suspended leading to loss of mum’s source of income. There is urgent need for subsistence for Audrey to be able to pursue her education. Many other kids in Little Learners suffer the same fate as Audrey.


Annabel and her parents are IDPs from Kwa-Kwa. Annabel’s parents don’t have any means to provide for her needs. Despite the fact that her parents were provided a 50% discount towards her tuition and school meals they still can’t afford it. Annabel needs school materials, uniforms and school meals. She is also sharing a single room with her parents at a good samaritan’s house.


Laurence is 10 years old. He was abandoned by his mother due to her mental health illness. He is currently being looked after by a lady from their local area. Laurence needs tuition fees, school writing materials, school meals and basic necessities. Please help to secure a future for Laurence.

Sponsor a Youth Leader

Our Young Ambassadors program prepares youths showing great leadership skills as future leaders of tomorrow. We aim to train them and sign them up for courses that will mould to for this vision. We will update this section as we identify youth leaders in the pool of youths working with us. If you would like to know more please get in touch now

Sponsor a Project

Our Projects

Sponsor a campaign

Our Campaign

2) Mentor a Youth or a Professional

Everyone needs a mentor, someone they can look up to, someone they can emulate or someone they can learn from. Our mentorship program is aimed at promoting knowledge and skills sharing. As a mentor you can mentor a youth in an educational subject, train a youth in a trade or a profession. Anything done in this line will fall under our mentorship program.

Mentor a Youth

To mentor a youth in your specialist skill or knowledge please email us via

Mentor a Professional Adult

To mentor a professional adult in your area of expertise please email us via

Mentor a local Business Person

Thriving entrepreneurs often cite mentoring as a critical component of their success. You can help local entrepreneurs by sharing your skills and experience or by setting goals and solving their business problems together. To find out more please email us via

3) Volunteer

Be a volunteer to help our work. You can volunteer full time, part time or online, depending on your individual circumstances. We need many hands-on people on board to be able to reach out to as many people as possible. A salesman can volunteer to sell one of our fundraising products, a web developer can volunteer to develop or maintain or web page, a community organiser/social worker can work with our affected communities etc. Some people have volunteered to assist us online in the past. It was greatly appreciated and we will continue to cherish such assistance and support. If you have the desire to volunteer do not hesitate to contact us via

4) Donate

Donate where the need is greatest
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Donate Once

Your donation will change lives.
Provide a much-needed one off donation to where the need is greatest.

Donate Monthly

Donate every month to provide ongoing support where the need is greatest.