Tebah Ruth Enjoh

Ruth Tebah is a young and auspicious professional at the age of 19. Not being able to attend university immediately after obtaining her Advanced Level Certificate (High School Diploma), she engaged herself in volunteering as the Creative Arts Coordinator for SODEI. She plans to resume school in the university next academic year with ample experience in youth development. Ruth is very passionate about creative arts, which she started learning at the age of 7 in school. She continued practicing arts through drawing and sketching as a means to overcome difficulties in her childhood. She later participated in many arts competitions in and out of school which helped her grow as an artist. Ruth is excited and confident about being part of SODEI as she believes it was a timely opportunity for her to continue her personal growth while out of school; enhance her potential in creative arts and develop professionalism. She intends to be a nutritionist and a well-known artist in the nearest future. She hopes to impact many young people through what she loves doing – Arts.

Email: ruth.tebah@sodei.org