Our Mission

To inspire children and young people in Africa through education, innovation and entrepreneurship, and increase their participation in making the world a better place.

Our Vision

A society where children and young people have equal access to education and participate in building communities in which they can grow up happy, healthy and confident.

Our Values

Honesty – Good Governance – Partnership & Involvement

We are committed to putting children’s rights and well-being at the core of all our work. We are people-driven. Our associates inform us, help us define our priorities, and enable us to achieve our goals.
We are a partnership organization. We seek external alliances to enhance our impact on the lives of children and young people to equal education.
We are a learning organization. We continually monitor and appraise what we do and strive for excellence in all our work.
We are a listening organization. We want the voices of children and young people in Cameroon and the world at large to be heard, as well as those of people who are working with, and caring for them.

Our Goals

Empowering children and young people through supplementary education, school fees and skills development support.
Putting children and young people’s rights and well-being at the heart of policy making through partnership with various civil society and government leads.
Giving a voice to children and young people through empowerment programmes, children’s right advocacy and participatory programming.
Changing the way society views and treats young people especially women and girls through empowerment programs.
Create a SODEI sustainable source of funding network in order to deliver a powerful force for change.

Where We Work

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What we Do

We help as many disadvantaged children as possible by providing them access to quality education. We identify the most needy children and provide them school and living assistance. By providing materials such as school uniforms, books, shoes and tuition fees, in addition to covering minimal living expenses, children can continue their education smoothly.

Our After-School Program seeks to improve on students’ scope of knowledge and build additional aptitude in Math and Computer.

Our community library provides a medium for research, knowledge acquisition and building a reading culture.

Believing that technical and vocational training are great ways of increasing productivity and creativity in youths, we provide mentoring opportunities in computer software, catering, sewing and painting.

We run a mentorship program aimed at knowledge and skills sharing to guide and empower young people, and prepare them for competition in the job market.

Believing in the importance of youths in the achievement of global peace and prosperity, we identify Young Ambassadors who have made considerable contributions to their communities. We provide them a platform to impact their skills, and opportunities to increase their scope and interaction.

SODEI Youths and Young Ambassadors champion a “Youth for Peace Campaign” that promotes peace and togetherness through recreational activities such as sports, music and arts.

Our work is guided by United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Agenda 2030. We run a ‘Schools for SDGs’ campaign within academic institutions where we teach students on the SDGs and create avenues for them to participate in promoting the goals within their school community.