LESPLAY Creative Arts Session December, 7 2019: Focus on Gender-based Violence and Bullying in and out of School Milieus

Today’s LESPLAY Creative Arts session was organized and conducted by our creative and dedicated trio, Justin Ndomi, Tataw Ayuk Emilie and Ruth Tebah.

Emilie who is our Communications Associate enlightened our young participants on the basic definitions of gender and gender-based violence (GBV), with specific emphasis on psychological violence and bullying prevalent among school children in and out of school milieus.

The session was organized in consonance with the ongoing 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence. In the next session, our volunteer team will continue to teach the young participants about Violence Against Women (VAW), the effects of violence against women, the importance of bringing this unfortunate and harmful practice to and end and the responsibility involved at all levels of our society.

Most importantly, the young participants are going to be learning their role in the realization of the curbing and ending of GBV. At the end they will be tasked to express their own views about VAW through drawing and sketching. This will then be complied and documented into their narratives of VAW.

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