IDPs Bonaberi

SODEI reaches out to Internally Displaced Persons in Douala – Cameroon
On the 24th of December 2018, SODEI carried out another outreach in Bonaberi, Douala, Littoral Region Cameroon. In line with our determination to fight against poverty, hunger and human suffering we reached out to the internally displaced persons (IDPs) running from conflict in the Northwest and Southwest regions and hosted by some sympathizers in Douala. The outreach mainly targeted families and children directly affected by the conflict in the two English-speaking regions and without basic means of survival as a result of displacement and loss of means of survival.

SODEI #Youths4Peace team alongside SODEI Youth Ambassadors Helen and Justin went with Christmas presents including food and dresses for the affected families. Food items such as rice, magi, spaghetti and salt were distributed to the families directly affected by the conflict. Play toys and dresses were equally distributed to children of the affected families. About 50 children benefited from this gesture. They event was full of smiles as the kids and their families were happy and appreciated their gifts and thanked the SODEI team for the gesture of kindness during the Christmas season.

The families expressed gratitude towards SODEI for reaching out in times of distress and suffering. The children sang Christmas carols and danced with the SODEI team. The SODEI team also made further inquiries about the living conditions of these families. Many problems were raised including poor health and sanitary conditions, lack of portable drinking water and the lack of access to education for the children.

SODEI is looking forward to another visit to offer items such as mattresses to these families. Your kind gestures of support will be much appreciated….

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