Celebrates The First International Day Of Education

On December 3rd, 2018, the United Nations GA adopted a resolution to celebrate the international day of education, slated for January 24th2019. This celebration was to recognize the foundation role of #educationfor peace and development. This decision was adopted during the Global Education meeting held at Brussels and lasted from 3-5th of December. This resolution thus demonstrated the world’s will and determination to providing quality education to all and achieving sustainable development by 2030.

This significant celebration reiterates the benefits of education for development and peace, quality education and the rights of the student community. This celebration didn’t only highlight the importance of education but equally its significance in achieving other SDGs by 2030. Education helps in eradicating poverty, providing livelihood, improving health and sanitation, attaining gender equality and reduced crime among others. Education being a human right, is also a common good and public responsibility. In a nutshell, promoting education is one of the most vital points to be acted upon in every progressive society ,adapting to modernized academic programs.

It is to this effect that the Southwest Development and Emancipation Initiative (SODEI);a charitable NGO working to promote community development and Emancipation in the southwest region of Cameroon through education, took upon themselves to empower students in secondary schools in Buea. Empowering them to rise above poverty, conflict and violence in order to create positive change in the country.

SODEI organized a two days outreach in secondary schools in Buea on the 24 and 25 of January2019 respectively to celebrate the International Day of Education in Summer set Bilingual High school and Baptism High school with the theme: Youth Participation in their Education. The targeted classes where forms 1-4, the students were engaged in a series of participatory and interactive activities. The organization team members gave them a brief summary of what education was all about, its importance and why it should be celebrated. The students were shared into groups and together they came up with different ideas to build an educational tree.

This was crowned with the distribution of learning materials such as books, pens, calculators, math set, and rulers to enhance their learning. SODEI also handed a copy of the Safe Schools Declaration to the school principals. They all expressed gratitude as they received these gifts. The outcome of the events in the schools was positive as the students took the lead and actively engaged in the various interactive activities. Participants took home important messages on education to pass on to their parents and the communities.

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