SODEI Launches Learn, Play & Speak (LESPLAY) To Commemorate World Children’s Day

LESPLAY is a SODEI concept combining three rights crucial for the development of full potentials of the child – the rights to education, to be heard and to play. LESPLAY is a platform for children and young people to express themselves through creative arts and other extracurricular activities. It combines arts, computer training and reading to provide kids with a wholesome learning experience.

LE in LESPLAY stands for Learn. We believe in the right to quality education and most importantly access to education for children. All children should be able to learn under favorable conditions.

S in LESPLAY stands for Speak. We believe in children’s right to be heard in matters concerning them. It is important for children to be agents in the development of their potentials by expressing their views on the world they want to live in and their role in making it so.

Play is more than just fun for children; it is how they learn and grow. Play is essential for children’s overall health and development. It allows children to attain physical, cognitive and emotional growth and strength. All children have the right to education, to be heard and to play. These interrelated rights are important for the development of the full potentials of the child.

The goal of LESPLAY is to inspire and empower disadvantaged children and young people by providing a safe space for fun and learning. We believe in a world where all children have access to quality education and are prepared for the challenges of the 21 century. We aim to contribute to a resilient generation of youths by providing some of the tools necessary to prepare children to be able to play an active role in the sustainable development and advancement of their communities.

The project launch coincides with World Children’s Day 2019. SODEI used this opportunity to celebrate the day with children by organizing a series of activities. Kids took part in the first drawing exercise which involved sketching and learning about their rights. They also took part in a quiz involving children’s rights. In all, it was a colorful and fun filled day for the kids who left satisfied and excited for the next LESPLAY session.

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