SODEI Celebrates World Day Of Social Justice

World Day of Social Justice is a day recognizing the need to promote efforts to tackle issues such as poverty, exclusion and unemployment.

SODEI recognizes and celebrates World Day of Social Justice in pursuit of our mission to combat poverty and eradicate unemployment in our local communities.

We believe in the need to create opportunities for youths in deprived communities. Our work in local communities in the Southwest Region of Cameroon involves empowering young people towards self-reliance, peace and sustainable development. Guided by Sdgs 1, 2 and 4, we promote education for self-reliance, run training and mentorship programs to assist young people to develop skills and be productive in their communities.

To commemorate this day SODEI Cameroon Section launched a talk shop involving youths of Bota Middle Farms Limbe on the ills of poverty and unemployment within the community. We equally brainstormed on ways to engage with communities and together combat these ills. The participants concluded that SODEI’s newly inaugurated community centre will fill the gap of the much needed resource centre for information sharing and orientation.

SODEI’s newly inaugurated community centre, Bota Middle Farms – Limbe, Cameroon.

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